Stan Bower - Area Director, CBMC Dallas - Fort Worth

Stan Bower

Stan Bower is the CBMC Director for the Dallas - Fort Worth area. Prior to graduating at the University of Texas–Austin with a bachelor in Business Administration, he played basketball at Texas Tech. Starting as an accountant for Pennzoil, Stan spent most of his professional career in Houston as a commercial real estate broker. Stan Became a successful business man, operating his own Commercial Brokerage Firm, Bower Interests. During his real estate career, Stan began to get involved with CBMC in the Houston area. Dave Rathkamp, CBMC Area Director in Houston, built a relationship with Stan and discipled him for over a period of 13 years. After those tremendous years of spiritual growth under Dave’s leadership, Stan entered full-time ministry with CBMC. In 1997, Stan moved his entire family to St. Louis, where he served as the Area Director for the past 20 years.

In 2017, Stan and his wife Laura have followed Christ’s leading back to Texas in a joint venture to facilitate the movement of CBMC in the Greater DFW area. Coupled with winning the lost and discipling the saved, Stan’s heart and ministry is that of one-on-one discipleship.

Stan and his wife, Laura, have four adult children and five grandchildren. Laura is a Baylor graduate and author of the book “WordSpeak”. All four children are graduates of Baylor University. John and his wife Kasey, along with their two children Jude and Leon live in Dallas, where John serves as the lead Pastor of Normandy Community Church in Lake Highlands. Mark, the second eldest is married to Leah, and they have one child named Zoe. They reside in Austin Texas where Mark works for Modern Message. Leah is a recent graduate of Duke Law School and is currently a clerk for a justice of the supreme court of Texas. Jenni is married to Jordan Kologe, and they have two children Rosalie and Levi. Jordan is finishing Seminary at Gordon-Cromwell in Charolette North Carolina. Katherine Grace, a recent graduate of Baylor University and works in marketing at Modern Message, of Dallas Tx.

If you want to see Stan, just look for a cowboy hat and boots -you can generally find him stirring up chaos either on the golf course or hunting in the backwoods.